Australian children living in remote communities, often hours from busy population centres are very often not afforded the same opportunities that many of us take for granted.  A trip to the shops; playing a sport; even a daily trip to school can often be very difficult, and it is this isolation that can lead to the problems and issues many of these remote communities can face.

The Surf For Life Project offers children in these remote communities an opportunity to participate in a new sport and try something very different and removed from their normal day to day life.  It provides a new outlook on life and offers something to look forward to and aspire to that is truly Australian and deeply embedded in our culture.

Surfing Australia believes that every child in our country should grow up with as many opportunties available to them as possible, and this is why it is so important to ensure the Surf For Life Project reaches the remotest parts of the country and connects with those children that need it the most.

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